More than just a CRM for Apartments

Streamline your operations with automatic messaging and follow ups for your property. 98% Occupancy has everything you need, and nothing that you don’t.

Hustling, Made Simple.

Send communications to all of your tenants in one place, or just based on the unit they are in by using tags. Streamline tenant communication, sending reminders, and any other automation is possible.

Find Tenants

Use Facebook ads to find and target ideal tenants for your property. By advertising on Facebook, your property stands out from the competition by finding internet users who are apartment shopping, and showing them your property without your competitors. Those users are then immediately contacted, while the information is still fresh on their minds.

Never Lose a Prospect

“I love cold calling” said no property manager ever. Instead, with 98% Occupancy, the lead calls you. As soon as someone fills out an interest form on your website or in one of our ads, they are sent an email and text message. If they don’t respond within a few minutes, our wheels start turning and we call your property management team, and tell them to press 1 to connect to the lead. Prospect follow up is made so much easier when your leads are calling you!

Automatic Reminders

Once someone has picked a time to come out and visit your property, we send them reminders leading up to the appointment. As soon as they respond, we stop reaching out to be sure we aren’t acting like an annoying golden retriever puppy. They can automatically change their time slot online, or respond and talk to someone with additional questions. We know that we won’t always get 100% of people to show up, so then missed appointments are sent a gentle no-show nurture sequence inviting them to schedule another time to come back out.

Unified Conversations

We know that it can be difficult to remember past conversations, or to find a way to look at all conversation channels. With 98% Occupancy, you can see all the conversations with a single person in one place. We connect phone calls, voicemails, text messages, email, and even Facebook Messenger into one single portal. This way anyone can quickly review past conversations, and notes and quickly get up to speed.

Features Included in Every Plan

Buying these features individually can cost thousands of dollars per month, and the different software frequently does not work together. With 98 % Occupancy, you get all the features of email marketing, text message marketing, sales funnels, automatic appointment schedulers, surveys and forms, CRM software and tracking, and reports and analytics, all in one easy to use desktop app. 98% Occupancy can replace a subscription to all of the following:


Connect with industry-leading business apps. So easy to set up, you won’t need an IT department.

Unified Communication Portal

Send communications to all of your tenants in one place, or just based on the unit they are in by using tags. Streamline tenant communication, send reminders, and any other automation is possible.

About The Founder

Megan Brown is a serial entrepreneur who has a passion for helping others succeed. Megan is a masterful marketer who digs deep into the soul of brilliant companies to find their unique marketing message. She is mindful of the intricate balance between art and science when creating compellingly precise marketing strategies that deeply resonate with the appropriate target market.
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